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You saw or collected an animal? Register a Discovery Alert now. Your information will be disseminated quickly to many platforms.

The advantages of publishing on PetAlert United States
Description of the functionality included in the publication of a Discovery Alert
  • Internet publishing
  • Publication on Facebook
  • Publication on Twitter
  • Publicatie op Instagram
  • Published on Pinterest
  • Poster printing
  • Pack Easy365 (1 year) included
  • Online support

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All alerts are checked and possibly corrected before publication.

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Free professional service
Allowing a lost pet quickly find its owner has never been easier. With PetAlert United States, you have a professional and free service to broadcast an alert Discovery:
  • Drafting an alert lasts less than 5 minutes
  • All contents are that broadcast are validated by our teams
  • Information published in an anonymous way: your data is not visible
  • The platform petalert.us is secure

Your alert is broadcasted on the platform petalert.us , but also on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest). Our network of watchers (volunteers) is automatically notified. Veterinary partners within the perimeter of the place of discovery are also warned.

Our service automatically creates templates for posters and flyers ready to be printed.

Creating a Discovery Alert is a procedure 100% FREE

We protect your data

We make it a point to ensure the confidentiality of information of our members. These elements are never published on the platform or disclosed to third parties.

Alerts are disseminated in a completely anonymous way: the coordinates our members do not appear, unlike many sites or services on the active social networks in search of animals. We thus avoid unsolicited calls, swindling acts or blackmail attempts.

To facilitate the communication between members, PetAlert developed an internal message whose content is controlled by our teams.

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