Why publish a Disappearance Alert?

Your pet has disappeared or has been stolen: rapidly transmit its description and information related to his disappearance. You increase your chances of finding it quickly.

The advantages of publishing on PetAlert United States
Description of all basic services included when ordering a Disappearance Alert
  • Internet publishing
  • Publication on Facebook
  • Publication on Twitter
  • Publicatie op Instagram
  • Published on Pinterest
  • Poster printing
  • Pack Easy365 (1 year) included
  • Online support
From 9.90 USD

New Disappearance Alert

The advantages of publishing on PetAlert United States
Reporting the loss or theft of the animal has never been easier. With PetAlert United States, you have a professional service to broadcast a Disappearance Alert:
  • Drafting an alert lasts less than 5 minutes
  • All contents are that broadcast are validated by our teams
  • Information published in an anonymous way: your data is not visible
  • The platform petalert.us is secure

Your alert is broadcasted on the platform petalert.us , but also on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest). Veterinary partners within the perimeter of the place of disappearance are also warned.

Our service automatically creates templates for posters and flyers ready to be printed.

Creating Alert Disappearance is available from 9.90 USD

The options
Once the Disappearance Alert has been edited, we offer the opportunity to add additional services such as :
  • Targeted SMS in the geographic area of the place of disappearance
  • The creation of an advertising campaign on Facebook to inform a maximum of users connected to the network and within the perimeter of the place of disappearance.
  • Highlighting the disappearance Alert in the list
Optionally available (ie not mandatory), these services are not free.
Payment methods

The publication of a Disappearance Alert is effective upon confirmation of its regulations. We offer different payment solutions :

For immediate display, we recommend :

  • Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard, Postcard for Switzerland)
  • PayPal
  • Carte bleue

It is also possible to pay by bank transfer. This solution differs from the date of publication of the Disappearance Alert.

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